Southwest Gifu 〜 Discover the Beauty of CHUBU - Start out from the Chubu Centrair International Airport -

Step into a World of Japanese Spiritual Hot Spots & A Pearl-filled Ocean

The Chūbu Region of Japan contains many ocean-view hot springs and spiritual hotspots.
If you use the Ise Expressway you can reach the large nature-filled areas of Ise Shima and Toba, as well as Ise Grand Shrine. Seeing the sun set behind the blue ocean as you relax in a hot spring is just another highlight of the journey.
With fresh fish as a given, make sure to try the world-famous renowned Wagyu and Matsusaka beef! Set forth on a brand new Japan journey with new and unique experiences that you'll never forget.

Recommended driving itinerary | Experience

  • 1Matsusaka Cotton Dress-up Experience Dressing Room

    "Matsusaka Cotton" is cotton that is produced in the Matsusaka area which is made with natural indigo dyed yarn and is characterised by a striped pattern called "Matsusaka-jima".

  • 2Futamiokitama Shrine & Meiotoiwa

    Futamiokitama Shrine and Meotoiwa rock, which can be seen from the shrine precincts, are spots that visitors to Ise Shrine have been visiting for many years.

  • 3Okage Yokocho

    A spot great for eating while walking. This spot offers famous Ise udon, Ise-Shima dishes, specialty products, as well as souvenir shops.

  • 4Ise Jingu

    It is a shrine that includes 125 shrines, including the Naiku and Geku, and has a history of over 2000 years.

  • 5Ijika Daiichi Hotel Kagura

    The Toba area, which is also the location of the Toba Aquarium and the ruins of Toba Castle, is a popular spot to stay as it has easy access to sightseeing spots.

  • 6Ama Hut "Hachiman Kamado"

    Ama Diver Hut Hachiman Kamado an Ama hut in Osatsu-cho with the largest number of Ama divers in Japan. While enjoying the fresh seafood such

  • 7Ise-Shima Spectacular Cycling Views

    Ride an electric-power assisted bike and enjoy cycling along the coast of Ise-Shima and through the alleys of a fishing town! Visit the Anorisaki Lighthouse,

  • 8Miyako Resort Shima Bayside Terrace

    When you go sightseeing in Ise-Shima, you absolutely must stay at this resort hotel with its ocean view. Miyako Resort Shima Bayside Terrace is an elegant hotel

  • 9Diving and BBQ Experience with Ama divers

    Experience Ise-Shima's famous skin diving!Dive into the sea with a practicing Ama diver, and enjoy chatting and having seafood for lunch with the Ama in the

  • 10Enjoy an Ama Diving Town

    Experience the real life of the Ama-san by taking a cruise on Ago Bay, extracting pearls at a farm, and making Zori sandals! A practicing Ama

  • 11Pearl Extraction Experience -
    Pearl Workshop, Shinju no Sato

    Pearl Extraction experience at Pearl Studio Shinju no Sato Ise-Shima is a popular spot for pearl farming. At the actual farm, it is fun to experience extracting

  • 12Verde Odai

    Various outdoor programs are available, such as picnics where bento boxes made using ingredients from Odai can be enjoyed,

  • 13Gozaisho Ropeway

    The largest ropeway in Japan hanging over Mount Gozaisho at an altitude of 1212m. Different picturesque scenery in different seasons

  • 14Wadakin

    Matsusaka beef, as one of the three best types of Wagyu beef in Japan, it is a world-class brand of Wagyu beef. If you would like to enjoy the tender meat and rich taste,

  • 15Ise Udon

    variety of udon that can be eaten mainly in Ise City. Compared to regular udon noodles, the noodles are thicker and very soft, and they are eaten with

  • 16Ise Shima Skyline & Asama Mountain Viewpoint

    At the top of the 16.3km long driveway "Ise Shima Skyline", a road that connects Ise and Toba, Toba city, the Ise Bay islands, and the Atsumi Peninsula can be seen on the opposite side.

  • 17Pearl Road Toba Observatory

    An observatory sitting on a hill 163m above sea level, in the middle of Pearl Road which runs along the coast. It is a picturesque spot overlooking the ria coast and the horizon,

  • 18Yokoyama Viewpoint

    An observatory located on Mount Yokoyama at an altitude of 203m in the southern area of the Shima Peninsula. From the stylish wooden cafe terrace,

  • 19Ago Bay Island Tour

    Ago Bay is the birthplace of pearl farming and has a gorgeous coastline. Enjoy cruising around the large and small islands in the inlet while listening to the captain's commentary.

Model Course for Southwest Gifu (2 Nights 3 Days)

Experience a journey packed with
traditional culture and luscious
nature - A drive through Mie Prefecture

Experience a journey packed
with traditional culture and
luscious nature -
A drive through Mie Prefecture

Take a 3-day driving journey through Mie Prefecture along Shima Peninsula coastline and the ever-extending mountains. Try the famous Matsusaka beef and learn about the "ama" and Ise Grand Shrine, this course is filled with Mie prefecture's attractions.

Day 1

  • 150


    Chubu Centrair International Airport
    Rent a Rental Car and Depart.
    (It will be a long journey so ensure to rest at service areas along the way)

  • Matsusaka




    Head to Kirakuya and try on some Matsusaka Momen (cotton).




    Try eating a dish that contains some Matsusaka beef (Wadakin)




    Explore town locations such as Castle Guard Residences,
    Matsusaka Castle Ruins, and Matsusaka Cotton Center.




    Visit the Iseshima Skyline Observatory.

  • Shima / Toba


    Stay in Kashigojima or Toba Area.
    (Ijika Daiichi Hotel Kagura / Miyako Resort Shima Bayside Terrace etc.)

Day 2

  • 30



  • Shima




    Explore Ago Bay with a real Ama!
    (female diver who collects shells, seaweed, etc.)




    Eat lunch using the fresh ingredients
    acquired from Ago Bay.




    Try and open some pearls at the Pearl Workshop
    in the Pearl Village.

  • Ise



    (Adjust to arrival time)
    Visit Futamiokitama / Meoto-iwa.


    Stay within Ise.

Day 3

  • 60



  • Odai




    Try out standup paddleboarding at SUP Half,
    one of Japan's clearest streams.

  • Ise



    Explore Okage Yokocho Ancient Street
    (Have lunch and try some of Ise's famous items
    such as Fukusuke or Butasute)




    Visit Ise Jingu.


  • 18:30

    Chubu Centrair International Airport
    Arrive at airport and return your rental car.

Youtuber's Recommended Driving Tour

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Whether you are looking for hidden delicacies in lanes and alleys or going on a trip in the mountains to appreciate the stunning scenery, choosing a suitable car is the first step to a pleasant road trip filled with beautiful memories in the Chubu region of Japan.